Chokmah: How this ex-flight attendant is revolutionising S’pore’s craft scene with jesmonite

As with any major global event, there are a few emerging trends that quickly become symbolic timestamps. While low-rise jeans and overly-plucked eyebrows marked the ’00s, it can be said that banana bread and crafting are emblematic of the pandemic. In the height of the lockdown amid Covid-19, Singapore experienced a crafting renaissance of sorts.…(Continue Reading)

The highs and lows of BooksActually: Is this the end of a chapter for the S’pore bookstore?

Over the weekend, local independent bookstore BooksActually has been thrown into the spotlight for founder Kenny Leck’s alleged misconduct towards his female ex-employees. This news came as a shock, considering that BooksActually has always been championed as playing an important role in preserving the longevity of local literature in the media. Following the news, BooksActually…(Continue Reading)